We are accepting applications for Lily and Bears litter. 7 puppies born. 6 males/ 1 female. 6 males currently available. pricing: $1800-$2500. We are also accepting applications for Chloe and Bears male pup. 




**HOW OUR PUPPIES ARE PRICED***: We get our puppies written evaluations by a licensed conformation judge, whenever possible, at 8 weeks of age. Because we want only the best and because we want you to have the right puppy, this means that you the buyer will not know the exact price of their pup until the evaluation has been completed.  A pups' bone structure, at 8 weeks of age, is the same for the most part as what the dog will be at adulthood. We wish we could tell these things sooner for our buyers, however how a puppy grows is not under our control. Dogs/pups deemed 'pet' quality, by either conformation, temperament, or some other deviation from our breed standard are $1500. Dogs evaluated as breed to show quality range from $2500-$3200 depending on their quality as a breed specimen in all areas of the evaluation. In other words, our puppies are priced based on their individual quality, not whether a buyer plans to breed/show/therapy/SAR the pup or not. All breed quality and above pups are sold with full breeding rights, and you may choose to keep your pup intact or spay/neuter as you wish. Pet quality puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract as we are very strict about which of our puppies are allowed to be bred and have the Calabreses' name. We would never sell a pet quality dog or puppy as show quality when it is not, which is why we have a third party evaluate our pups for the buyers knowledge (and ours) as to determining breed quality. We very often sell show quality dogs into companion homes. Their pricing is still based on the written evaluations, even if the buyer does not plan to breed, show, compete in performance, therapy, or SAR. We do notice that many 'pet' buyers that end up with a show quality pup often end up doing performance or conformation showing, and we encourage new people into this arena and will help any buyers we can in getting started in taking their pup as far as it can go in any of these areas. We know many other breeders across the States that can sponsor and assist new people in the breed. Calabreses' breeding generally produces about 1 in 6 pups as pet quality to give you an idea (our last litter produced all show quality and above), and the rest range from breed to show quality. 

















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